What makes a Funeral Ceremony by a Celebrant special?

For over 30 years and throughout the world, people from all walks of life have chosen to be memorialized with a Celebrant Funeral. Whether the deceased honoree is religious, secular, interfaith or simply unaffiliated with a particular religions institution, Celebrants specialize in creating and presiding over highly personalized, dignified and memorable end-of-life tribute eulogies.

As a Certified Funeral Celebrant, educated in comparative religious and cultural funeral rites and rituals, I take great pride and care in the service I offer to bereaved families.  Upon request, I meet with the deceased’s family member(s) during a personal home visit to interview them about the life of their loved one as they share their memories and talk about the impact the deceased had on their life and their community.

Following the interview, I write, in collaboration with the family, a well-crafted portrait ceremony that honorably reflects the life history, values, beliefs, culture, ethnicity and personality of the deceased.   As part of Celebrant’s gold-standard of excellence, the family is assured the final approval of the eulogy prior to the funeral.

Throughout the process, I work closely with the Funeral Director or to ensure that the needs of the family are met and that all goes as planned.   Finally, as a keepsake and as part of their precious family history, I gift a beautiful copy of the eulogy to the family.


I welcome any questions or inquiries you may have.  Time is often an issue, so please feel free to call me anytime at 425.770.9243, or send me an email at francis@significantceremonies.com.  I will respond to you promptly.


Rev. Francis Michael Lee

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