As a Certified Celebrant, Officiant, and Minister, consider allowing me to help you through this difficult time by designing and officiating a personal- ized End of Life, Celebration of Life, Funeral, Memorial, Graveside, or Interment Service for your loved one.






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It is most helpful to schedule an interview with you and your family members. During the interview, many questions are asked, and the answers given begin to paint a picture of your loved one.  As family and friends continue to share their memories, stories, and talk about the impact the deceased had on them and their community, the uniqueness of that loved one is captured.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whether the deceased honoree is religious, secular, interfaith or simply unaffiliated with a particular religion, I specialize in creating and presiding over highly personalized, dignified, and memorable End-of-Life Tributes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Discovering what was important in the life of the deceased is often revealed through their favorite songs, poems, readings, or other literature, as well as their hobbies and other life skills and endeavors.  After the family interview, what was shared forms the basis of their Life Tribute and informs their uniquely personalized service.

Following the interview a well-crafted portrait ceremony is written that honorably reflects…

  • the life history,
  • values and beliefs,
  • culture and ethnicity,
  • and personality of the deceased.

Finally, as part of a Celebrant’s gold-standard of excellence, the family is assured the final approval of the ceremony prior to the service.


As a member of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, as well as a corporate member of the International Cemetery and Funeral Association, you can be assured that a professional is working with and for you.

Throughout the process, I work closely with the appropriate individuals, such as Funeral Directors, to ensure that the needs of the family are met and that all goes as planned.

To Contact Me…

I will provide the most comforting and reassuring experience given your needs and circumstances.

Contact me in whatever manner is easiest for you: by phone at 425.770.9243; the easy to use contact form; or by email  Let’s have a conversation about how I can help you and your family through this difficult time.


Rev. Francis Michael Lee
Celebrant, Officiant, & Minister

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