In addition to End of Life ceremonies, I also offer services regarding surviving other types of Loss, such as:


*End of Serious Illness,

*End of Work-Career,

*End of Relationships,

*End of Addictions.


Collectively, such ceremonies are called “Survivor Ceremonies.” And in life, we have much to survive:

  • Illness,
  • Divorce,
  • Domestic Partner Dissolution,
  • Death of a loved one,
  • Job Loss, Downsizing, Relocations,  & Retirements,
  • Overcoming Addictions (drug, alcohol, etc.),
  • Loss of Animal companions, and more.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As we  learn to face, cope, and survive everything that life throws our way, having Ceremonies to Recognize Survival & Loss have become increasingly popular in order that we may continue to envision our possibilities in Life and move toward them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Survivor ceremonies are held at two key points:

  1. While you are going through the ordeal, such as a life-threatening illness.  This type of ceremony centers around thanking loved ones for their support and looking ahead to a better tomorrow.
  2. After you have come through a crisis, such as when a divorce is finalized.  This ceremony focuses on lessons-learned, analysis, and reflection.

Survivor ceremonies provide an opportunity for you to express yourself in a manner that is true to you and one that captures the essence of your survival.

By reaffirming the bond held with family and friends, there is a greater appreciation for your life, giving you the strength needed to face new challenges and future survival situations.

To Contact Me…

I will provide the most comforting and reassuring experience given your needs and circumstances.

Contact me in whatever manner is easiest for you, by email, phone at 425.770.9243, or the easy to use contact form.  Let’s discuss how I can help you honor your journey.


Francis Michael Lee
Celebrant, Officiant & Minister

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