I know I want to be cremated, but I’m not sure I want a memorial service.  Any advice?

In this recent Seattle Times article, local Funeral Director Hank Kerns of Sunset Hills Funeral Home responds to the inquiry regarding cremation and memorial services.

In my experience, a funeral or memorial service can be very important for those you’re leaving behind.  Many of those who don’t want memorialization may not realize that a ceremony can help your loved ones begin to accept your passing.

A memorial gives people who are close to you the time to come together and celebrate your life-and the chance to say goodbye.  Without such a service, people sometimes struggle to find the closure they will need.

With cremation, you are not limited when it comes to memorialization, nor do you have to use a cremation society.  Your neighborhood funeral home and cemetery can offer traditional services or completely personalized memorials, ground burial of cremated remains, or placement in a mausoleum or columbarium.

While some choose to scatter ashes or keep them in the family home, others have found that the placement of an urn in a cemetery provides a permanent place for loved ones to visit at any time, for generations to come.

If you have more questions about your cremation options, visit your local funeral provider.  They are a good source of information available to those choosing cremation.

My thanks go out to Hank Kerns, Funeral Director of Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Home of Bellevue, for his kind permission to reprint here his recent Seattle Times article regarding Cremation & Memorial Services.  You may contact Hank at 425-746-1400 at any time for advice and guidance to Bellevue area families.


Ceremonial options after cremation include holding the traditional memorial service, as well as a scattering of ashes ceremony or inurnment service at a columbarium. These ceremonies may be held privately or publicly.


For availability and fee estimate please call me at 425.770.9243, or email  Be aware that time is often at a premium in these circumstances.  I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Francis Michael Lee

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